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Caravan in the Australian Outback

Tips for the Traveller

Interstate traveller

To protect the Australian native environment and agricultural industries there are restrictions on what you can take as you cross state, biosecurity and quarantine borders. Some goods, especially fresh produced can carry pests, diseases or weeds.

If you are travelling within Australia find out what restrictions might apply where you are going. Before you leave visit the visit the Australian Interstate Quarantine website or Freecall 1800 084 881 during business hours from Monday to Friday.

Remember to look for road signs advising on restrictions and place all restricted items into bins provide.

Travellers leaving for a destination in Victoria

While it is no longer illegal to transport fruit out of Sunraysia, it is still important that if you are leaving Sunraysia for a destination within Victoria you do not spread fruit fly. It is particularly recommended that home gardeners do not share their home-grown fruit with people in other areas of the state. It can be difficult to see if fruit if infested from the outside; sometimes larvae can be within the fruit so cutting the fruit is the best way to check if your crop may be infested. More information is available from Agriculture Victoria (click here).

Do the right thing with any infested fruit and dispose of it correctly. 

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