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Caravan in the Australian Outback

Tips for the Traveller

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Interstate traveller

To protect the Australian native environment and agricultural industries there are restrictions on what you can take as you cross state, biosecurity and quarantine borders. Some goods, especially fresh produced can carry pests, diseases or weeds.

If you are travelling within Australia find out what restrictions might apply where you are going. Before you leave visit the visit the Australian Interstate Quarantine website or Freecall 1800 084 881 during business hours from Monday to Friday.

Remember to look for road signs advising on restrictions and place all restricted items into bins provide.

Travellers can face on-the-spot fines for taking prohibited items across borders.


Sunraysia specific information

The 'Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area' is located in north-west Victoria and south-west New South Wales. The 'Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area’ was declared a restricted area for the control of Queensland fruit fly in 2007.

The restricted area was established in protect the multi-million dollar horticultural area from the threat of Queensland fruit fly. Restrictions on the movement of fruit help to protect high-value horticultural crops, including citrus, table grapes and stone fruit.


Queensland fruit fly can hitch a ride into areas with people transporting fruit or fruiting vegetables.

There are special quarantine bins located on highways, bus and train stations and at the Mildura Airport.


For a list of all host fruits that are restricted from being bought into the area click here

Travellers leaving Sunraysia for a destination in Victoria

There is currently a declared outbreak of Queensland fruit fly within Sunraysia so it is important that if you are leaving Sunraysia for a destination within Victoria you do not spread fruit fly. Although it is not illegal to transport fruit out of Sunraysia, it is recommended to make sure that there are no Queensland fruit fly eggs or larvae within the fruit. Especially check any home grown fruit by checking each piece.


It's illegal to bring fruit

into the Greater Sunraysia

Pest Free Area without a

certificate or permit.

Do the right thing and

put it in the bin.

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