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March 2023

In this edition entomologist Andrew Jessup talks about the high-pressure season we are experiencing, we look at our advisory group’s position on the future of fruit fly management in the region, explore promising new research, and more ....

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November 2022

This edition entomologist Andrew Jessup explains how these current weather events could impact fruit fly. We also look at the difference between Qfly and Medfly, controlling fruit fly in stone fruit, and more ....

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August 2022

This edition includes our regional forecast for Queensland fruit fly, the importance of controlling prickly pear, your local council advisory group members, the upcoming international fruit fly symposium, and more....

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May 2022

This edition includes a seasonal update, new research looking at the effects of packaging on fumigation, your citrus advisory group representatives, and much more...

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February 2022

In this edition, we look at the Qfly population growth this summer, factoring fruit fly into your integrated pest management, new research into biopesticides and much more..


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March 2021

In this edition, we look at managing abandoned properties, having your say on SIT policy, using natural predators and  much more..


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October 2019

This edition looks at regional trends, activity in spring, Sterile fruit flies and more


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December 2021

This edition looks at the La Niña weather outlook; a new manager for the National Fruit Fly Council; and urges growers to get control over fruit fly in non-commercial fruit trees.


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September 2021

This edition looks at using natural enemies to control fruit fly, a new fruit fly plan for the region and discuses concerns of another bad fruit fly year on the cards


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May 2021

This edition we explore what makes a bad Qfly years, and  what is happening to support growers with fruit fly management 

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December 2020

This edition looks at Qfly numbers building up in the region, regional fruit fly priorities, the latest from the National Fruit Fly Council and more... 


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October 2020

This edition looks at new Qfly season underway, effects of La Nina on Qfly, new bait spraying fact sheets, and more


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Storm Clouds

March 2020

In this edition, we look at low Qfly numbers, working together to protect crops, your autumn checklist, building a strong national fruit fly system and more... 


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July 2020

This edition we look at a funding boost for local fruit fly programs, outsmarting fruit fly in Sunraysia, outbreaks in South Australia and more... 

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December 2019

This edition looks at Qfly numbers building, keeping an eye on numbers in hot weather and more 

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April 2019 

This edition we look at bait spraying field days, weather impacts on Qfly, Qfly overall outlook and seasonal outlook.


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