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Let's be Queensland fruit fly warriors together 


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Tricia, a Fruit Fly Community Support Officer is here to teach you a little bit about a flying insect called Queensland Fruit Fly.


There are lots of good insects that we find in our backyards – but Queensland fruit fly is a pest for our fruit growers and our fruit growing areas. So we’re going to have a closer look at fruit fly and why it’s especially a problem for us here in the Murray Valley area.


Watch this short video to learn more about the fly, and what we can all do to help with the problem.


After you have finished watching the video download the children's activity booklet and the information sheet on how to make a trap.


If you would like a community support officer to visit your school, kinder or childcare to talk more about fruit fly have a parent or teacher contact us on (03) 50 220327 or 


Children's activity book

Filled with fun activities like colour-in, find-a-word, quizzes and loads of interesting fruit fly facts.

Click to download

Childrens Activity booklet Image.png

How to make a fruit fly trap 

Download instructions on how to make a Queensland fruit fly trap. 


Click to download

Fact sheet make your own trap.png

Additional Resources 

There are a lot of additional resources available to assist in learning more about Queensland fruit fly.  The Box Hill Institute has a Queensland Fruit Fly student hub with courses for both primary and secondary school students 

box hill website.png
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