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Targeting fruit trees on nature strips to control Queensland fruit fly

Fruit Fly Murray Valley are targeting fruit trees on nature strips in your area. A small Queensland fruit fly trap has been placed in a tree on your nature strip. The trap will only attract fruit flies near the tree and will not attract flies to your property.

The trap does contains protein gel that is non-hazardous and safe to handle and a sticky card that the flies will stick to.

If you have any concerns or would like the trap removed please call (03) 50 220 327

Biotrap Fruit Fly Attractant Gel is a non hazardous, safe to handle gel designed to be used in conjunction with the Biotrap V1 trap and has proven to attract both the male and female fruit fly but generally higher numbers of the female are attracted particularly at fruit ripening.

CL Sticky trap 2.jpg

Mildura Rural City Council green bins

Fruit or vegetables infested with Queensland fruit fly can be disposed on into the Mildura Rural City Council green bins.

  1. Put fruit into an AS certified compostable bag. Compostable bags have the compostable seeding logo as pictures.

  2. Place the sealed compostable bag in the full sun or freezer for 7-10 days to kill the larvae. 

  3. Dispose of the compostable bag and fruit contents all into the Green Bin.

For more information on the MRCC green bins click here

Compostable bag and fruit fly.jpg

“We tested these bags in the middle of a Sunraysia summer and they do not breakdown in the hot sun”

Compostable logo.jpg

Ensure you select bags that have the AS compostable logo and these bags will decompose along with the organic material they contain. 

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