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Supporting local horticulture industries to produce fruit fly-free, marketable fruit and vegetables. 

Queensland fruit fly is an established pest found in Victoria that poses a threat to the horticultural industry and home gardens if not properly managed. Queensland fruit fly attacks a wide range of fruits and fruiting vegetables, leaving them inedible.


There are more than 4000 fruit fly species across the world, of which 350 are of economic importance. More than 50 exotic and established fruit fly species are of potential economic significance or quarantine concern to Victoria. However, Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni) and Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitate) are the species of primary economic concern.

Qfly is now an established pest in Victoria and is widely distributed across the Murray Valley region. Victoria remains free from Medfly, despite its presence elsewhere in Australia.

Fruit flies have the potential to impact a broad range of horticultural crops. Key commercial horticultural crops that dominate the export market, including stone fruit, citrus and table grapes, are impacted by fruit fly. Other crops that may be impacted in high pressure years include dried fruit, olives, wine grapes, avocados and vegetables.

Fruit flies also have the potential to impact a broad range of fruit and vegetables grown in home gardens throughout the region.

The best defence against Queensland fruit fly is an insect net


Creating a physical barrier between flies and your fruit with a fine meshed insect exclusion net (less than 2mm) is the simplest way of growing clean fruit. Follow these tips to ensure success:

  • Purchase fine mesh insect nets from gardening or hardware stores

  • Prune your fruit trees to less than 2m

  • Cover the whole tree with a net as soon as fruit sets

  • Tie it around the trunk with no gaps

  • Thin fruit if needed and remove any fruit up against the net

  • After harvest, repair any holes, move to a late-season tree or pack away for next season.

Bait Spraying

Bait spraying is by far the most effective way of managing Queensland Fruit Fly populations.  The bait has an attractant in it, so you just put out tiny amounts and the flies actually come and find it.

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We are committed to assisting you with managing Queensland fruit fly. For advice and tips to help you in your garden, please contact us.

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